Target Clients

Student startups

CURAD will provide an opportunity for the students interested to start agribusiness, as a part of their curriculum. CURAD will help nurture agribusiness start-ups by providing a package of holistic services including technical knowhow, Physical infrastructure, business plan opportunities, networking, mentoring and coaching opportunities.

Agribusiness SMEs

Generally agribusiness SMEs are farmers, women entrepreneurs, students, small & medium  and large companies, scientists who want to start their own agribusiness firm, develop innovative technologies in agriculture and allied sectors, scientists looking for opportunities to commercialize their technologies or transfer their technologies or private companies which are already in agribusiness looking forward for expansion or scale up.

SME whole sale and retail

SME wholesale and retail traders are unregistered members of incubator. The incubator partners with these members for business development support, trading services, agriculture input suppliers in coffee value chain. On every business contract with the SME wholesale or retail trader, the incubator will realize a slight margin as a service fee from the customer or farmer

Coffee processing SMEs

The coffee processing SMEs can be:

-          Conventional processors: Coffee bean graders, roasters, grinders

-          Specialized coffee value added products: Coffee based confectionaries favored by local consumers. Eg: Coffee flavored pastries, beer, wine, toffee, cocktails, milk shakes, cold coffee etc

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